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At XOvergear, we specialize in doing men's underwear better than anyone
else. 99% of men wear underwear, which makes it easy for large companies
to simply take advantage of that fact. Very little thought goes into their
products outside of patterns and prints. They are simply looking at profit.
XOvergear is different. We are small enough that profit is clearly not our
primary motivation.
XOvergear is Comfort, Support, Performance, and Style in men’s high-quality underwear.
Our Boxer-briefs’ thick Cotton / Spandex blend provides unmatched softness, along with a mesh
option where mesh is used strategically to provide soothing coolness and breatheability. In addition,
the microfiber lowrise waistband is the perfect compliment to today’s outerwear.

Available in both the Trunk style “9” and the longer mid-thigh length “13”, the fabric’s memory
provides as great a fit at the end of the day as it does at the beginning, whether your day includes
sporting activities, travelling, or sitting through long meetings.

While fit and comfort are crucial, looks are important as well. At XOG, we work
hard to make you look and feel your best.

Our line of high-quality underwear is expanding, so please check back for upperbody additions, as
well as a ladies line.