The Result:
Fashionable men's Boxer Briefs for all men... functional, attractive, affordable and
most importantly COMFORTABLE. While designed for superior support and comfort,
especially in sports, you will want to wear them all the time.
Once you try XOver (say "cross-over") performance apparel, you won't want to wear
anything else.
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the 13 - Cotton Mid brief -white
the 13 - Cotton Mid brief -gray
the 13 - Cotton Mid brief -combo
the 13 - Mesh Mid brief -white
the 13 - Mesh Mid brief -combo
Cotton pouch for discretion as well as comfort and
support. Nylon mesh for the sides and back.
-Air-conditioning brought to underwear
We're confident that you will never find a more
comfortable underwear, while remaining discreet
enough to wear at the gym without embarrassment. In
fact, chances are that you will be answering the
question "where did you get those?"
Bring on the heat...

All day support, all day comfort
Original COTTON
Our Cotton/Spandex materials are unique to the
underwear world. The quest was to offer the soft feel
of cotton, with the unmatched support offered by
some of the stretch materials available on the market
today. The result is our heavyweight, ultrasoft and
long wearing will agree...totally worth it.
A fit that not only lasts all day, but helps you feel cool
and clean all day as well.

All day support, all day comfort.