I work for myself. Reason I wear these underwear is for
been able to wear underwear comfortably due to the size
of my thighs.  I often get rashes and it can be very
uncomfortable when working out, playing golf, playing
basketball etc.  Since wearing these underwear, I have
had no problems what so ever.  The support that I get is
also unbelievable.  I am a believer in the product, any
athlete that has ever had to wear a jock will love these.  I
played 20 years of competitive baseball and have never
found anything that compares to x over underwear.
-Doug  W (41, 5’-11”,  190lbs) Dixon CA
I wanted to let you know that I am glad someone came up
with a design in mens under garments that not only look
good but are also very functional. My job as an Equipment
Engineer sometime requires that I spend hours in a clean
room where a suit must be worn that is very hot and
confining. After many hours in this environment I would go
home and have chaffing that would be so bad that it would
take several days to clear up. I am happy to report that
since I have been wearing the Xover undergarments that I
do not have that problem anymore. The design and the
material that is used allows for proper air circulation that
prevents the chaffing.
-Doug S (5’10, 220lbs) Portland OR
I am really happy with my XOver underwear. The fit, support and overall
feel are like nothing I have ever worn before. I had originally purchased
them for motocross riding for which they work very well. I don't get the
strangling effect of my normal shorts and these just simply feel
better...WAY better. I don't know how to accurately explain it. They're
Well needless to say, they're pretty much the only underwear I wear now
(the vented ones are my favorite). I mean, once you wear these everything
else pretty much sucks.
I don't know how you came up with these- don't really care, I'm just glad
you did. I think pretty soon, everyone will be wearing these.
-Allen M (5'7", 145lbs) Napa CA
I bought four pair (two cotton and two
mesh) and wear them all the time -
working out or casual...  I find
the XOVER Boxer Brief very
comfortable and great four star quality
would recommend them to anyone
looking to invest in quality
for themselves or as a gift.  The
XOVER boxer brief always feels good to
wear and is a great addition to my
-Mark Z (6', 185lbs) Northern CA
I travel a lot and have found most underwear loses its shape and becomes
uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting in an airplane seat. Since wearing the
XOver brand boxer briefs I have noticed a huge difference in fit and comfort not
only while traveling but also while bicycling, working out, or lounging around the
house. The fabric is much heavier than other brands I have tried and holds its
shape and supports better throughout the day. I don’t know what the fabric blend
is but it very effectively wicks moisture away from the skin, reducing chaffing and
rash, and the waistband is the most comfortable I have ever experienced. As a
side benefit my wife really likes the way I look in the shorts and has taken a
renewed interest in being in the room while I am dressing and undressing.
Thanks XOverGear!
-Jeff R. (5’ 11” 190 lbs) Dallas, Texas