newbe with the iPhone

Just a quick blurb to get this off my chest. I recently changed jobs and had to get a new phone…Dropped a Blackberry pearl for an iPhone 3GS. Love the iPhone, but simply hate the way some of it’s features are implemented. I mean, what is it with iTunes? Is it even possible to come up with a more UN-intuitive system for putting music/files/applications on your phone? I purchased bejeweled-2 the same day that I picked up the phone, and before I had even setup iTunes on a computer was enjoying the game. I get home, setup iTunes, and select music to put on my phone, and only a few days later head off to Japan for training with the new company, and a new laptop. Install iTunes on the new laptop so that I can get more apps and d/l some podcasts, and find that I risk erasing all my music if I sync my music. Ok, I unselect sync for my music. BUT I do have some language lessons on my laptop that I would like to get on my iPhone, but there is basically NO way to do this that I can find. I will have to wait to get back to the US and to my home PC so that I do not lose the music that I presently have installed. How lame. Of course, there might be a way to get around this, but just describing it took me this long, so I cannot imagine how I would search for this. What little searching I did do, turned up having to d/l a text editor and finding certain lines to make changes, but that was to address a similar though from what I could tell, not exactly the same issue that I am faced with. Not sure why I cannot just drag and drop my music wherever I want.
Then there is the issue with APPS. I lost bejeweled when I downloaded several apps off the net while here in Japan, but I lost Bejeweled!!! the only APP that I have actually purchased -and not through iTunes! I went back to purchase Bejeweled with the hope that the store would recognize my phone and user ID, but no, they wanted to charge me again for this APP. Now the new apps that I downloaded while in Japan will be gone when I sync back at home -how lame -again!!! I purchased this game directly from the phone over wi-fi, so fail to see why it would be wiped from my phone during a sync.
Then the issue of getting images onto the iPhone that were not taken with the iPhone. Again, why no drag and drop?
Enough of the rant. I hope that over time I can figure out this complicated POS that has so many strengths at the same time. The APPS rock, but the portability w/r/t to traveling with a laptop or separate laptops is poorly implemented.

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