Politics and new math

This is a great time to be an American.
Our politicians have created new Math!!!
Where else can somebody increase our spending limits (debt ceiling) by $2.4 Trillion dollars –which at our current rate of spending will last 1 year and 5 months…OK, let’s round it up to 1.5 years. Mind you, this is for NEW spending as there are thus far, no actual cuts to current spending…To make this even easier to understand, that is $141 BILLION (with a “B”) in increased spending PER MONTH!!!
But to offset this, the government promises to reduce spending by $1 Trillion over 10 years. Again, to clarify, that is $1Trillion over 120 months which comes to just under $8.5 BILLION (with a “B”) per month in “reduced” spending. –Again, not a cut, but a “reduction” in spending. For the idiots that voted this admin into office, and for others that simply do not GET it, anytime you hear or read of reductions in spending, understand that this does NOT decrease monies that go to any specific agency, it simply means that future increases are reduced. The increases continue to roll in, just at a smaller growth rate! AMAZING, right?
To summarize, but increasing our spending by $141B per month, our efficient government will reduce spending by $8.5B per month. Also understand that a future Congress is NOT bound by legislation of a previous Congress. Which means if 2012 is carried by the liberals, bet money that spending will go right back up…which may very well happen if carried by Republicans as happened under Bush. Seriously, the only shining light are the extremists as the mainstream media like to call them, that are carrying the TEA party message, but clearly they are in the sights of the media as well as our current socialist administration, and will have serious battles ahead…

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