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Thursday, April 19th, 2012

I now have the Samsung Galaxy Note and am 95% certain I have the phone of my dreams. I say certain as this thing will mow through a battery at times. This is especially true when travelling for work and using the phone for navigation… I now carry a car charger with me and I have found that depending upon the car charger being used, you can still lose charge, but at a reduced rate when running navigation. Typically I have GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi (I never turn WiFi off) on while in the car, as well as I keep the screen active. If that battery could last me into the second day on a single charge, this would be the ticket. As it is, you cannot really use it on an airplane as the screen consumes so much power that even a short 2-3 hour flight will suck 60-80% of your battery if you choose to play games or watch videos or simply tinker with the phone. BUT! I did just purchase a New Trent Battery pack (5000mAh) on daily steals mobile today, so will be evaluating that shortly to see if it will help with the battery situation on the Note, plus I have a spare battery that came with a dock that I purchased that I keep in my bag as well. I will have to provide reviews on those in the future.

Example of battery usage from Screen

Example of battery usage from Screen

Other than being a great phone for doing just about everything that you can think of, I still have my share of issues with ATT (maybe unreasonably…). I was tempted to leave ATT, but I wanted this phone which is only available on ATT…AND I did not wish to lose my unlimited data plan –whether I use it or not. I have heard that ATT will throttle high users of data, but I have not noticed anything like that, but then I cannot seem to access my data usage from my phone either, so I cannot tell how much data I might be pulling with this phone. I do not imagine that I am using much since I am on WiFi all day long, and even at home. I have noticed that ATT 4GLTE is not nearly as nice as my wife’s Verizon 4G. Hers simply smokes…being much faster than our home WiFi. –she is on a Droid Bionic, which she does not particularly like, preferring the iPhone experience and simplicity instead.