US Open Azarenka-Sharapova (two battles going on)

Let me start off by saying that “These girls can play tennis…”
Now that I got that out of the way, I think you have a safer chance of watching porn at work with the volume on high without anyone taking notice, than watching these two screechers play tennis, with the volume at ANY audible volume. If you even attempt to listen to the commentary, the business complex across the road will surely file a noise complaint against you. And this is on the tiny laptop speakers. I always thought that watching either was bad enough that I had to forego commentary, but both, playing each other? This is simply unacceptable no matter how you look at it. I say this with all sincerity, if I was offered tickets to see these two play each other, or even just play, I would decline. No matter how good the seats. They have taken screaming, which used to be just grunting, to an all new level, and the new rules have not come fast enough…even more concerning is that the ruling only affects new players, so fails to address the real problem which is these two distractions to ladies tennis. I use the term lady as I am not being sexist when I say that when these two are playing, it is no longer ladies tennis, nor even women’s tennis for that matter. No wonder the stands are not filled during their match…I suspect that earplugs are running low, hence many would be spectators find that they must stay away from Arthur Ashe stadium for fear of permanent damage to their hearing, or recurring nightmares, or both. (I swear I can hear the screeching even with the volume on 0).
If I had never seen these women before, I would call them attractive…however, I find them both repulsive, which only speaks to how bad that screaming really is. New York City must be in turmoil right now, and there must be a many noise ordinance that is being violated right now…At the end of this match, we will know who won the tennis battle, but we will not know who won the second battle…as I have yet to see a sound meter on the screaming…


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