Kuberg Start: update

So, I picked up the Kuberg start in late November as a Christmas/birthday present for my son who turned 3 a couple days before Christmas.
That means it sat hidden in my house for a month before I was able to let the kids ride it.

Well, now that they are riding it, they are or have become rather intimidated by it. You see, the bike has a potentiometer that allows an adult to set the top speed of the motorcycle, and this feature is one of the key selling points of the bike. This feature rocks, until it doesn’t. The bike that I have is setup or was setup by me for about a 3mph top speed. Reasoning that the kids would not have any WT or WFO moments early on in their biking careers. At least that is the reasoning. It would also allow them time to learn how to back out of the throttle and even use the brakes (handbrakes on the Kuberg -front and rear. The rear is unusable as the pull is extremely difficult, the kids cannot even budge the lever using two hands!). Again, the reasoning is sound, but when you have a faulty component -and I assume it is the potentiometer that I used to adjust the speed, -or it is flaky, it is not such a nice feature.
Imagine riding around at 3 mph for 10-20 minutes, getting confident in accelerating and slowing the bike, steering, etc. When all of the sudden the bike starts accelerating up to 10 or 12 mph. This is not something a 3 year old knows how to handle, and it is something that I would not be able to handle on my full size bikes with far greater power. But for a new rider that is trying to learn the ropes of motorcycling, to have a bike behaving in this manner is best described as scary.

Kuberg US is attempting to resolve the issue, even sending me a new potentiometer from a 2014 model, but the 2014 is not the same as the 2015 and the parts are not interchangeable. This means that there are no parts in the US for the 2015 bikes, and I no longer have a bike that is safe for the kids to ride.
I may return the bike under warranty and purchase an OSET 12.5. I have effectively had this bike for 2 weeks (the Christmas holidays) and not been able to let my kids ride it as originally planned. And the warranty period is about to expire shortly…hmm, what to do???
I will update shortly.

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